Cake Monster Coin is one of the latest DeFi protocol digital currencies that is built around the fastest and most innovative network, the Binance Smart Chain. Cake Monster is also making rounds online just like any other meme coins with an initial total supply of $10 Billion $MONSTA Tokens on its platform.

Introducing Cake Monster Coin

Cake Monster Coin is a meme coin that is established in Binance Smart Chain that actually has a significant use unlike regular memes. It has a starting supply of $10 Billion $MONSTA Tokens that allows many users to buy multiple coins at the same time.

The coins are deflationary which means that for every purchase, 2.5% will be burned and the other 2.5% will be taxed. The DeFi protocol uses tax and strikes up and decreases the total price of each coin accordingly. Aside from that, people can also buy the top and valuable tokens from Monster Coin’s DeFi protocol.

How is it unique?

With the accumulated taxes, Monster Coins uses the taxes to add liquidity to the liquidity pool and seals it to maintain the high liquidity. Another way of using the taxes is buying the most valuable and most wanted tokens on Binance Smart Chain such as the PancakeSwap’s token, the $CAKE which proves the importance and innovative features of the protocol.

The $CAKE will be added to Monster Coin’s gravity vault. The gravity vault will allow the ecosystem to strike up in value, making a significant change in progress. This guarantees that the $MONSTA tokens will maintain their value and potentially increase them in the future.

Moreover, the $CAKE in the gravity fault will be distributed to $MONSTA holders. A quarter of the total number of the $CAKE will be added to the total supply of $MONSTA if its total supply decreases 1%. However, if the $MONSTER supply decreases to its minimum supply, the entirety of the $CAKE supply will be distributed to all $MONSTA token holders. This allows the ecosystem to avoid risks by being backed by the most valuable $CAKE tokens.

Future Plans

In the future, Cake Monster is planning to establish strategic partnerships as well as gain interactions with every global user. The team is also looking forward to building more projects, revolutionizing NFTs and furthering the growth of the ecosystem.

Cake Monster wants to introduce the coin to the world and go mainstream, allowing the exploration of capabilities and expanding the community to its widest reach. For more updates, don’t forget to follow Monster Coins on social media!

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