CluCoin was proud to announce their recent strategic partnership with Leonicorn Swap. Through the partnership, both the $CLU and $LEON tokens are now available for lenting on the Leonicorn Swap platform.

By placing any of these tokens into the DEX, users will be contributing to CluCoin’s liquidity pool. It is important to note that users won’t be able to earn reflections but they can receive rewards.

What is CluCoin?

CluCoin, which trades on the cryptocurrency market under the symbol CLU, promotes itself on its website as a “deflationary token” that opposes selling and compensates coin holders.

According to the CluCoin website, they’ve developed a mechanism that protects against whales, encourages holding, and benefits charities worldwide.
What is Leonicorn Swap?

Leonicorn Swap’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange intends to address difficulties common to traditional exchanges, such as a lack of security, expensive trading and transaction costs, low withdrawal limits, and stringent listing requirements.

Leonicorn also addresses the drawbacks associated with the most widely used decentralized exchanges, such as high gas prices and slow transaction speeds.

Moving Forward With $CLU Token

It’s fascinating to see a cryptocurrency initiative with a real-world application concentrating on charities. While the majority of new crypto currencies are created with no purpose in mind, CluCoin strives to be different. By strictly limiting the amount of tokens in circulation and burning them – as well as taxing sellers – it is possible to develop an exciting economic system.

From a speculative aspect, the future of CLU is still unknown. The price has climbed dramatically after its formal listing on Pancakeswap. Sustaining this rate of growth will be exceedingly tough, although the team is expected to be in touch with other coins about listing CLU and spreading the overall liquidity.

With their new partnership Leonicorn Swap, it is evident that it is moving towards new heights. Without a doubt, this is a project worth tracking.

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