CumRocket has officially published the recap of the key statistics for their recent NFT marketplace launch. The statistics cover from the start of their launch, which happened on 9th of October at 8PM UTC up until 3rd of November.

The statistics cover from the total number of NFTs they have sold since then, the total amount cummies that were bought and sold, and the number of new creators and buyers that arrived on CumRocket’s platform.

What Is CumRocket?

CumRocket is a BSC token. Because it rewards holding while penalizing sellers, it may help stabilize the $CUMMIES price.

CumRocket is also a communal endeavor, so anyone who wishes to contribute ideas can do so. The 18+ NFT marketplace allows users to buy, sell, swap, and acquire exclusive 18+ content.

It also wants to be a place where creators can charge for private content and get paid in cryptocurrencies as well as get tipped with $CUMMIES.

CumRocket’s NFT Marketplace Statistics

In just a matter of 4 days, the CumRocket team was able to acquire the following statistics since their NFT Marketplace Launch:

  • They have sold a total of 2,177 NFTs
  • There have been 6,865,024 $CUMMIES tokens that have been transacted in the platform
  • The total amount of BUSD that were transacted is $1,995
  • The number of buyer accounts is now 2,968, while for creator accounts is now 583. This means that there are now over 3,551 accounts in total.
  • The current largest NFT sale for $CUMMIES has been 750,000, while the current largest NFT Resale for $CUMMIES has been 100,000.

It is a great feat for the CumRocket team to have accomplished these statistics in just a small number of days. Based on the statistics, we can say that $CUMMIES is becoming the most preferred token over BUSD, which is available to make the platform more liquid for the users.

CumRocket will continually be expanding and improving their NFT marketplace and we are excited to know what more they can offer.

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