Dvision World has announced that their metaverse can now fully support the opening for the MetaCities, where users can get involved in various play-to-earn arenas.

According to Dvision’s announcement, the official launch happened on the 1st of November.

At that moment, the launch was only capable of providing limited access to the users, with the intention that participants will first become familiarized with the metaverse.

Thankfully, this hooked a lot of users to stay on the platform and wait for the more interactive updates.
Dvision World Games

There are various games that are set on the platform in which users can easily participate after signing up.

One of the most famous games is the one entitled, “Red Light & Green Light.” This game is mirroring the famous Netflix Korean drama Squid Games where participants had to run from one side to the other, and they had to pause whenever the music stopped.

Another game in the metaverse that is also inspired from Squid Games is the Tempered Glass, which is spoiler alert: one of the last few games on the show.

What’s Upcoming?

There are still many more updates that the Dvision team will be adding onto the metaverse itself.

They are looking forward to adding a baseball field where users can live stream various football matches, a virtual department store where users can actually purchase items and have it delivered right at their doorstep, and a virtual studio where users can create their own NFTs easily.

By allowing users to create NFTs, it can also serve as an extra source of income for them.

What’s great about the Dvision World is that it hopes to cater to different kinds of users.

So, whether you enjoy music, sports, art, and other different categories, they are hoping to add more interactive experiences for users so that they can personalize the experience for each.

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