For the past few months, the FEG (Feed Every Gorilla) team has been continually upgrading the FEG ecosystem.

One of their latest updates on the ecosystem is that the FEGTrack V2 is now coming soon to major app stores!

What Is FEGTrack?

With the FEGtrack app, token owners can keep track of their FEG assets on their mobile devices.

In case some of the users prefer monitoring their FEG assets at the comfort of their laptop or desktop computers, there is also a web application for FEGtrack at

The fact that FEG tea established multiple platforms for users to monitor their FEG tokens increases its accessibility.

FEGstats can be used by anyone in the FEG ecosystem to see all of their holdings in one place, as well as to see current prices and data.

Public wallet addresses are used to retrieve data from the blockchain, making it effectively secure.

With the V2, FEG team mentioned that it will replace the currently installed mobile app versions on their phones, and the Wallets (BETA) is going to be removed from the FEGstats.

What is FEG (Feed Every Gorilla)?

FEG was founded to ensure that every gorilla was fed.

These deflationary FEG tokens have a maximum of 100 Quadrillion FEG in circulation.

There is a tax of 1% will be distributed to the holders and a further 1% will be burned, thus enticing holders to hold and reducing the supply.

It is becoming more valuable as the supply of FEG is continually being reduced.

FEG is decentralized, which implies that there is no single owner of the token. So, it’s the community’s call to make all of the decisions.

The FEG team has big plans for the future of the crypto space, including the release of new products that will help keep the token alive.

There have been many talented developers, designers, and freelancers who work on FEG every day. 

We acknowledge that the FEG community is thriving, and it’s only getting stronger.

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