Kishu Inu has announced in their latest tweet that the minting for the coin is now available on their website.

The team have stated that the Kishuverse is the first step in the 5th phase. You can already start minting on their website: 

Overall, there have been exactly 8,888 unique Kishu NFTs available and you can claim these through direct minting, not through the staking process.

In addition, the minting process can only be done through MetaMask and no other platform.

It is good to note that a part of the sales will be used for further development of the coin and the fees for exchange listing.

What is Kishu Inu (KISHU) Coin?

As the name implies, the Kishu Inu (KISHU) coin uses the canine as its mascot. In comparison to Dogecoin, Kishu Coin is one of the newest cryptocurrencies.

If you use Kishu Coin to make a transaction, you’ll get Kishu Coin as a reward in return.

Kishu Coin, a token that participates in decentralized financial transactions and offers staking earnings, is part of the decentralised financial transaction network.

It is the goal of the KISHU Coin project to create a cryptocurrency that appeals to the meme cryptocurrency market’s future users.

Because many other dog-stream coins do not even have future-proof properties, the KISHU Coin’s creators created it.

With this project, the new dog stream coin as well as the stock exchange linked to it will be offered, giving users credits and allowing them to earn money without actively working on the project.

How to mint $KISHU?

  1. Click here to go to the Kishuverse website.
  2. On the Kishuverse website, click on “Connect Wallet!”.
  3. On MetaMask, click the connect button.
  4. In Kishuverse, click “Mint” to start.
  5. To confirm, click “Confirm” in MetaMask
  6. To confirm your transaction, keep waiting for the message that says “Transaction Confirmed.”
  7. View your NFT on Opensea by going to ( Might take some time to show up )
  8. If your Kishuverse isn’t showing up, click “Refresh Metadata” next to the title of your Kishuverse NFT game and wait for a few moments

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