In recent times, staking has become a growing phenomenon in the crypto industry. One of the coins that support crypto staking is the Uno Re (UNO) coin with a view to providing a profitable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for investors.

More than any other time, Uno Re team is working round the clock in strengthening its staking platform following its partnership with Polkadot, KephiGallery, among others.

What should an intending investor know about the Uno Re project? This piece shed light on the potential value of UNO coin and its reinsurance trading platform.

What’s UNO token?

Uno Re (UNO) coin is generally regarded as the world’s first reinsurance trading platform. The compelling idea behind the project is to allow the community members to invest as well as enjoy meaningful return on their investments.

Given the fact that the project is committed to breaking down barriers for investors concerning capital and regulation, UNO team has introduced a number of innovative features such as partnership and staking.

UNO is listed on several top exchanges such as Kucoin, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap.

According to CoinMarketCap live update, UNO token is up by 30% with its live trading price at 0.58 at the time of writing.

Latest On UNO’s Crypto Staking Project

In recent times, the UNO team has announced a series of new features for investors willing to stake UNO tokens on its launching platform.

The information disclosed by the UNO team shows that investors will enjoy APR as high as 150% as well as a chance to win a Ferrari. This is quite remarkable. As a matter of fact, virtually all the staking packages have been filled.

With skepticism still making waves among some investors, the team announced a few days ago that the ATHENA pool is already at max capacity.

It is noteworthy that the UNO platform also gives investors the opportunity to stake stablecoin like USDC for APR. Additionally, UNO’s ARTEMIS package offers as high as 184% APR.

Meanwhile, the team revealed that over 4m $UNO tokens have been staked by holders. This shows that UNO is not only advancing its objective, but it is also advancing the DeFi space with regards to what it stands to achieve.

Is Buying $UNO or Staking the Right Option?

Following the series of projects embarked upon by the UNO team, it should be stated that the UNO token is one of the most promising coins to buy.

According to the Lunar Crush report, UNO token is one of the top 15 coins when measuring community metrics. Individuals willing to win big can also stake accordingly.

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